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to capture, control and automate ALL your client interactions

Automation should never be an expense it should be the accelerant that allows your business to thrive. Starting at just $99 a month, our DIY package allows you to automate the basic business functionality that's needed to run your business. Start slow and customize your packages to meet your exact needs.

From our basic $99/m DIY package to the most complex and advanced fully automated completely virtual operations, our job is to make it easier for you to do yours. Start slow and customize your packages to meet your exact needs. Automation should never be an expense it should be the accelerant that makes your business thrive.

Back office support services doing the setup, support and optimization of your systems.

Capture, Control, Automate

BizonaCRM is your Customer Relationship Management tool that embeds automation and allows you to have a single platform to capture and control all your client interactions. It is a powerful CRM tool that gives every business the tools needed to manage their customer life-cycle. We've designed the best of breed, best architecture, included business versatility and flexibility into our CRM system. Our solution integrates seamlessly with existing data capturing and marketing platforms, making it truly an "all in one" CRM solution.

BizonaCRM helps you build a solid foundation for your business process, and empowers you to increase your sales and decrease your costs while creating an exceptional customer experience.

Your back office team making your process faster, cheaper and better.

BizonaCRM Modules

Customize the basic package of BizonaCRM with any or all of the following modules to help achieve your specific goals.

Single point of contact to understand your business

Social Media

BizonaCRM integrates with your social media platforms and captures all the social and contact information in a single place. BizonaCRM converts the data into a machine-readable form that allows you to easily track and manage your customer relationships.

Lead nurture system managing the transition from raw leads to clients

Email Marketing+

Easily create, send, and track beautiful emails. With BizonaCRM you can manage your email marketing, create sales campaigns and track results. Our easy-to-use system lets you build and manage email marketing campaigns from start to finish.

Multi-channel Communications  Icon

Chat or Text

Add live chat to your website and/or automate your SMS. With BizonaCRM, start building better relationships with customers today. You can connect with customers through our customer portal, text message responders, and web chat (useful for anyone in sales, appointment scheduling, tech support, and more).

Email Marketing Icon

Websites & Funnels

A well-designed website and funnels are a critical part of a successful business project. BizonaCRM helps you get a professional-looking website up and running on your own at a fraction of the cost. Take advantage of our pre-built website themes with the option for custom development.

Unlimited Websites and Funnels Icon


Our learning map module makes it super easy to build an online coaching course sales page, enroll and track your students, build interactive training modules, and so much more. BizonaCRM is the best online solution for coaches looking to maximize their time & scale their businesses.

Workflow Automation Icon


BizonaCRM helps monitor user reviews of products, services, and businesses on review platforms such as Google Business Profile, to help share positive customer experiences. Our marketing automation tool will capture new reviews leading to more leads, sales, and growth.



Google Business Profile Messaging and Call Tracking

Includes Email, Text, FB Messenger & Web Chat Wizard

Missed Call Text Back and Text to Pay

Reputation Management



Everything in BizonaLITE+

Social PlannerEmail Marketing

Calendar, CRM & Oppertunities

Memberships, Reporting and

Dedicated BizonaCRM Contact Email Support



Everything In BizonaCRM+

Funnels, Websites, Forms Surveys, SMS & Email Templates

Trigger Links & HTML Builder

Relax Social Media DIY Platform

Dedicated BizonaBROWSER Contact and Support

Back office support services working for you

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